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Ward Plants Trees at Pine Hill Landfill

It was a chilly day on April 26, 2022 when members of Dane’s Lawn Care and Landscaping, and Ward Manufacturing, LLC (“Ward”) met at Pine Hill Landfill in Blossburg, PA to plant five October Glory Maple Trees. This event was coordinated ahead of time by Ron Kemp (Director of Manufacturing at Ward Manufacturing), and Trisha Chase (Environmental Consultant at Pine Hill Landfill) to continue environmental endeavors in the area. The trees were planted in a row on the Landfill property with a plan to plant more trees every year to come. Tree guards were placed around each tree to provide protection from wildlife.
Thank you to all Ward, Dane’s Lawn Care & Landscaping, and Pine Hill Landfill employees for working together to make this happen. We appreciated the opportunity to work on this project, and look forward to filling up the Landfill field with more trees in years to come!

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