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Ward Manufacturing, Inc. of Blossburg, PA has announced a 72,000 sq. ft. expansion for the WARDFLEX Stainless Steel Gas Piping product line. The $7 million expansion will be completed later this year (1998). WARDFLEX is a continuous, flexible, annular stainless steel gas-piping system.

WARDFLEX is the only corrugated gas system with more than 18 years of manufacturing and installation history. There is more than 154,000,000 feet of WARDFLEX installed around the world. WARDFLEX led the way in development of the CSST market in the U.S. long before contractors knew what CSST was. The American Gas Association began evaluating WARDFLEX in the early 1980s to determine its adaptability to the U.S. market. Many U.S. gas utilities now specify and use WARDFLEX for meter relocations and other applications. Training of contractors is critical to ensure that the WARDFLEX system is properly installed to comply with both
national and regional model codes. Ward Manufacturing offers complete training on the use of WARDFLEX. This training provides the installer with the required practices and offers insight into the most economical use of the system. WARDFLEX is sold only through authorized distributors.

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