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The WARDFlex® corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) system revolutionized the gas plumbing industry with a time- and cost-saving solution to the inherent problems of rigid steel pipe in delivery installations. With unrivaled flexibility, WARDFlex® eliminates multiple service points at turns and connections and ensures reliable flow from gas meters to appliances, giving professional contractors a smart alternative to black-steel pipe and other CSST products. For detailed information, visit our literature/downloads.

Product Features

  • Wide range of tubing sizes and coil lengths
  • Double annealing for maximum flexibility
  • Continuous run coils
  • Helium- and vacuum-tested
  • Easy customization options
  • CSA certification for single-family, multi-family, commercial and industrial use
  • NEW! Available in convenient 26ft rolls in 3/4″-1/2″ sizes.

*This warning is in reference to WARDFlex® fittings only.

The next generation of CSST, WARDFlexMAX®. This ultra-durable piping system delivers all of the benefits of the original WARDFlex® system, with a new conductive coating that disperses the electrical energy induced on tubing when an arc occurs between the CSST and another metallic system. For detailed information, visit our literature/downloads.

  • NEW! Available in convenient 26ft rolls in 3/4″-1/2″ sizes.

*This warning is in reference to WARDFlexMAX® only.

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