WARD EDI Program

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is Ward’s preferred method of business document exchange with partnering companies. EDI allows businesses to enjoy benefits over paper exchange that includes increased processing speed, reduction in business costs, and reduction in errors.

Following the ANSI X12 standards, Ward integrates EDI transactions with clients and partners to accomplish the following:

  • Invoicing (sent from Ward to Customer) via EDI 810 document
  • Purchasing (sent from Customer to Ward) via EDI 850 document
  • PO Confirmation (sent from Ward to Customer) via EDI 855 document
  • Advanced Ship Notice (sent from Ward to Customer) via EDI 856 document
  • Functional Acknowledgement (standard acknowledgement of all EDI transactions) via EDI 997 document

Customers and partners are welcome to email questions or interest in the Ward EDI program to: (Ward e-Commerce team)


WARD VMI Program

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is an inventory management and replenishment service.

With VMI, Ward manages branch inventory through inventory review and launch of suggested orders. Order suggestion is generated based on branch demand history, system logic, business agreements, and input from the partnering business.

The Goals of VMI are reduction of inventory and improvement of service level.

Datalliance, our VMI system partner, is committed to supporting us in building and maintaining successful VMI partnerships. Datalliance provides the framework and guidance for the VMI startup process.

Pre-requisites to qualify for the Ward VMI partnership program includes:

  • Business has functioning EDI system and is able to transmit product activity daily via EDI 852 document or flat file over FTP. Also must be able to receive PO confirmations (EDI 855 document) from Ward.
  • Business demand is able to meet threshold of freight allowance terms agreed on by Ward every two weeks or more frequently.

Customers and partners are welcome to email questions or interest in the Ward VMI program to: (Ward e-Commerce team)

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