WARDFlex/WARDFlexMAX Sizing Table Generator

The WARDFlex/WARDFlexMAX Sizing Table Generator is designed to allow users to create custom sizing tables to assist in the design of a WARDFlex/WARDFlexMAX fuel gas piping system. Using this sizing table generator a user will be able to create a custom sizing table for a natural gas or propane system with custom gas supply pressures and pressure drops. Users may also specify longer run length and/or different length increments than those shown in the Design and Installation Guide. Natural gas tables will display capacities of WARDFlex/WARDFlexMAX in Cubic Feet per Hour (CFH) while propane tables will display capacities of WARDFlex/WARDFlexMAX in Thousands of BTU (kBTU). See the instructions below for assistance using this sizing table generator.


  1. Choose a gas type.
  2. Choose a supply pressure and pressure drop. You must specify the units for each.
  3. Choose the minimum and maximum length and the length increment.
  4. Press the “Generate Table” button.

All fields required

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