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INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM: COVID-19 Update, November 22, 2021



DATE:            November 22, 2021

TO:                  All Ward Employees

FROM:            Pete Guidi

                       President / CEO                     

RE:                  COVID-19 UPDATE

On November 4, 2021, I sent out a communication regarding President Biden’s COVID-19 mandates.  Since then, there have been several challenges filed in the court system and the OSHA Emergence Temporary Standard (ETS) has been stalled.  However, there is still much uncertainty as to the final outcome of this ETS and as such, Ward will continue efforts to be prepared for the requirements should it be upheld. 

We have asked employees to provide Health and Safety a copy of their vaccination card and to date, have received a number of those.  If you are fully vaccinated and have not yet provided information to Health and Safety, please do so as soon as possible. 

Employees who have not provided proof of vaccination will be given the determination of unvaccinated as per our Infectious Disease / Pandemic Procedure (refer to section of the procedure).  As a reminder, Ward’s current policy is that any unvaccinated employee must wear a mask while at work.  While we do not anticipate employees violating this requirement, those that do not comply could face discipline up to and including termination. 

COVID continues to force us to face unprecedented times, endure many changes and new requirements to help keep everyone safe.  I am proud of the job that has been done so far.  Please continue your efforts to keeping everyone COVID safe while at work and while at home.

Thank you in advance.

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Covid Communication, November 22, 2021

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