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EMPLOYEE INFORMATION BULLETIN: Vaccination Incentive Drawing, December 13, 2021

DATE:            December 13, 2021

TO:                  All Ward Employees

FROM:            Brian Nowak
                   Director – Human Resources

RE:                  Vaccination Incentive Drawing

Beginning in January, we will be having a drawing once a month for $500.00 (net) for fully vaccinated employees. To be eligible, you must be fully vaccinated and have provided proof of such to the Health & Safety Department. The ensure that you are eligible, please verify with Health & Safety that you have provided the necessary documentation. [You can also inquire through your supervisor to verify your eligibility with Health & Safety). Unvaccinated employees will not be eligible for the drawing.

The first drawing will be held in January on or after January 4, 2022. This allows time for those that may already be vaccinated and have not yet provided their proof to Health & Safety, to do so to be eligible for the drawing. It will also allow time for those that may want to get vaccinated (and provide proof) to do so.

We will have a drawing in January, February, and March. There will be three winners drawn each month (1 hourly employee, 1 salaried employee, and 1 Ward Nipple employee).

Don’t delay, get your proof of vaccination submitted to Health & Safety to be eligible. Unvaccinated employees will not be eligible for the drawing.

fe: Outside Locations
Local #304B Union President

Post:    December 13, 2021                                                    Remove: March 31, 2022

Vaccination Incentive Drawing – December 13, 2021

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