Since 1924, Ward Manufacturing (“Ward”) has been trusted as the home of superior quality in piping and components, consistently delivering performance and value. Our intense focus on quality has fueled steady growth. Today, our product line has expanded, and our vast distribution network extends throughout North America.

But while Ward’s reach and offerings have changed, our headquarters continue to thrive at the company’s original home in Pennsylvania, and its founding principles have never changed.

WardCorpDelivering world-class products to the highest standards
A combination of heritage and innovation comprises Ward’s vision: Delivering world-class products, manufactured to the highest standards, for the needs of a fast-changing world. New products and technologies demonstrate the company’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve in providing high-performance products.

We apply the same forward-looking business model to changing workplace and industry standards. Ward has responded to new requirements for health, environmental and safety standards by setting the bar even higher. And its proud commitment to American manufacturing products put it well ahead of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act requirements.

Foundations built to last
Ward’s ethic of quality, value and innovation stems from the foundations developed during our earliest days in manufacturing:

  • World Class Quality Products
  • Achievement of Quality, Environmental, and Safety Excellence
  • Recognized customer satisfaction through continual improvement
  • Deliver compliance to requirements

These principles have paved the way for Ward’s innovative developments and always-reliable products. Throughout our expansion, our customers can be assured that having Ward on Board is the smartest choice for performance, service and innovation, now and into the future.

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