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Ward Plants Trees at Pine Hill Landfill

It was a chilly day on April 26, 2022 when members of Dane’s Lawn Care and Landscaping, and Ward Manufacturing, LLC (“Ward”) met at Pine Hill Landfill in Blossburg, PA to plant five October Glory Maple Trees. This event was coordinated ahead of time by Ron Kemp (Director of Manufacturing at Ward Manufacturing), and Trisha Chase (Environmental Consultant at Pine Hill Landfill) to continue environmental endeavors in the area. The trees were planted in a row on the Landfill property with a plan to plant more trees every year to come. Tree guards were placed around each tree to provide… Read More


Hobo’s Home Receives Dress Down Thursday Donations

Hobo’s Home, a non-profit organization located in Millerton, PA, was the latest receiver of the Ward Manufacturing office staff’s Dress Down Thursday donations. Hobo's Home helps provide necessary, life-saving procedures to stray cats in the area. Thank you for everyone that has donated! Your generous donations are greatly appreciated by us, and all of the organizations they have helped. Jesse, President & Founder of Hobo's Home Read More


INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM: COVID-19 Update, December 21, 2021

DATE:            December 21, 2021 TO:                  All Ward Employees FROM:            Pete Guidi                        President / CEO                      RE:                  COVID-19 UPDATE On Friday, December 17, 2021, the Stay on the OSHA ETS standard was lifted by the Sixth Circuit, effectively reinstating the Biden administration's rule to require businesses with 100 or more employees to require their employees to be vaccinated or to provide a negative COVID test weekly if vaccinated. This decision is likely to be appealed to the Supreme Court for a final ruling, however it is likely that this will happen prior to the enforcement dates. OSHA on its… Read More


INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM: Influenza Vaccine, December 14, 2021

DATE:            December 14, 2021 TO:                  ALL WARD EMPLOYEES FROM:            Char West, Occupational Health Nurse RE:                  Influenza Vaccine The Health & Safety department will be offering regular seasonal flu shots again this year. There will be no cost for the flu vaccine. All clinics will be conducted at the Health & Safety office by UPMC: December 21, 2021 from 12pm - 4pm for those who work 1st and 2nd shift Blossburg;December 22, 2021 from 5:45am - 2:00pm for WARDFlex;Those on 3rd shift Blossburg please let me know and I will set up a time to come in for you. Flu… Read More

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