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Ward Manufacturing Featured in Northeast Pennsylvania Business Journal

Pipe fittings used around the world manufactured in Tioga County For nearly a century, hot, molten iron has flowedinside Ward Manufacturing’s foundries in the Tioga County borough of Blossburg, Pennsylvania. A leading manufacturer of piping components, Ward Manufacturing’s fittings have been used in thousands of installations around the globe including those in homes, commercial developments, public buildings and even the new Freedom Tower in New York City. Founded in 1924 by Joseph Patrick Ward, Ward Manufacturing quickly became and remains one of the largest employers in Pennsylvania’s Northern Tier. More than 500 people are employed by Ward Manufacturing at the company’s plants in Blossburg and throughout the United States. The company has 17 distribution centers across the country and… Read More


Lead Free

Ward Manufacturing LLC Lead Free Statement: All Ward Fittings are “Lead Free” Ward Manufacturing LLC currently manufactures their entire pipe fitting line in conformance with California legislation commonly known as AB-1953, and Federal Public Law 111-380, that amends section 1417 subsection (a) and (d) of the Safe Water Drinking Act. Each of these regulations requires that plumbing components used in the transportation or distribution of potable water be “Lead Free”. The term “Lead Free” is defined as the wetted surface area of pipes, pipe fittings, plumbing fixtures, and fixtures have a weighted average of not more that 0.25% lead content.… Read More



Ward Manufacturing, Inc. of Blossburg, PA has announced a 72,000 sq. ft. expansion for the WARDFLEX Stainless Steel Gas Piping product line. The $7 million expansion will be completed later this year (1998). WARDFLEX is a continuous, flexible, annular stainless steel gas-piping system. WARDFLEX is the only corrugated gas system with more than 18 years of manufacturing and installation history. There is more than 154,000,000 feet of WARDFLEX installed around the world. WARDFLEX led the way in development of the CSST market in the U.S. long before contractors knew what CSST was. The American Gas Association began evaluating WARDFLEX in… Read More